Hi, I’m Jette and this is my latest blog. It’s very plain because we’re having some fun figuring out how to do it with Jekyll and GitHub Pages. Over the years, I’ve written for so many online journals and blogs and online media sites that I’ve nearly lost track. Maybe you know me, maybe you don’t. I have a tendency to ramble when no one is actually paying me to write something. I’ve also written about movies a lot.

Why’s it called Violent Crown? you ask.

This quote has a little bit to do with it, combined with living in what O. Henry called The City of the Violet Crown:

[Betsy] and Joe had little time … He had only one free evening weekly, and oftenest they gave it to a newspaper group that met at the Cliffs’ to talk writing, read aloud, argue, and drink coffee while Jimmy Junior dashed up and down on his kiddy car.

In Minneapolis there was a sedate and ladylike group called the Violet Study Club. One night when the Willards and their friends were gathered at the Cliffs, and the kiddy car collided with hot coffee and an even hotter arguement about Sherwood Anderson’s work, the girl columnist “Q” remarked, “We ought to call this the Violent Study Club.”

The name stuck.

–Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy’s Wedding